Treatment of Photographs
Types of photographs treated

  • Color and black & white prints (including salt prints, albumen, collodion, and gelatin)
  • Non-chemical based images such as letterpress half-tone, Photogravure, Collotype and inkjet print
  • Mounted prints
  • Film negatives
  • Glass-plate negatives
  • Ferrotypes (tin types)
  • Ambrotypes
  • Daguerreotypes
  • Case for Daguerreotypes and Ambrotypes
  • 2D and 3D photo composites
  • Photographs in sculptural works

Services provided include

  • Examination and documentation of works for proposing treatment options
  • Identification of media, paper manufacture and photographic or printmaking technique
  • Creation of condition reports, treatment proposals and cost estimates
  • Surface cleaning of dust, dirt and surface accretions
  • Mending tears, punctures and breaks
  • Removal of deteriorated cardboard and paper backings using mechanical and aqueous methods
  • Diminishments of creases, folds and surface abrasions
  • Washing in aqueous baths to remove discoloration or stains
  • Light and chemical removal of stubborn stains
  • Local water and solvent treatments to remove stains using the small-area suction table
  • Self-adhesive tape removal using solvents and mechanical action
  • Local solvent treatment on the small-area suction table to remove tape adhesive
  • Inpainting and compensation for design loss using light-stable materials
  • Backing of brittle, heavily damaged and fragile artifacts using Japanese paper auxiliary supports
  • Attachment to solid supports for unstable or heavily damaged works
  • Flattening of curled or warped photographs
  • Construction of archival display and storage housings for critical artifacts
  • Creation of archival matting and hinging, or consulting with your service provider on difficult problems
  • Consultation on the care and maintenance of all type of works on paper

The process commonly begins with a visual assessment of the artifact in the presence of the client or their representative. If the work is left for treatment, a detailed Condition Report and Treatment Proposal document is written, which includes cost estimates for the various treatment options. The client is free of select from the treatment options, which often range from the most basic to full treatment.  When the client has approved a treatment option, treatment begins.

Free 30-minute verbal evaluation of condition with cost estimates can be arranged, call for an appointment at 510-594-8277.